Save Money by Structuring Your Taxable Settlements

Save Money by Structuring Your Taxable Settlements

Traditional structured settlements are endorsed by many of the nation’s top attorneys, disability advocacy groups, claims professionals and distinguished Members of Congress.

For good reason.

With future cash flows that are 100% income tax-free and tailored to one’s unique anticipated needs, structured settlements have been helping secure futures for over 30 years.

Surprisingly, though, many of these same advocates who encourage the use of structured settlements for personal, physical injury claims are completely unaware of the money saving potential that awaits them when a similar resolution tool is implemented on personal, non-physical injury settlements.

Why Cash Settlements Can Be So Costly

When taxable damage disputes settle for cash, 100% of the money is received in a single year.

Not surprisingly, taxes owed on this cash recovery are also due in that same year.

And because even a moderate settlement can push the taxpayer into a higher-than-normal marginal tax bracket, a significant percentage of their recovery is often paid out in taxes unnecessarily.

Marginal tax rates of 50% or higher are not unprecedented once federal, state, local, supplemental and Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT) are applied to one’s cash settlement.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

The Solution: Non-Physical Injury Structured Settlements

When you choose, in advance of finalizing any settlement negotiations, to arrange for your settlement proceeds to be paid out over time utilizing a Non-Physical Injury Structured Settlement, you can mitigate your first year tax burden by deferring highly taxed dollars into a future year when your anticipated income and tax brackets can be better matched for maximum tax efficiency.

Among the potential benefits of structuring your taxable settlement:

In addition to the instructional video at the top of this page, we’ve also created a more comprehensive educational webinar designed to help you better understand the many benefits of this valuable settlement option:

Structuring Your Taxable Damages Webinar

When to Choose a Non-Physical Injury Structured Settlement

With only a few notable exceptions, you can probably benefit from structuring a portion of almost every conceivable type of taxable damages settlement. Among the most common examples:

Wrongful Termination * Discrimination * Civil Rights * Punitive Damages * Bad Faith * Harassment * Breach of Contract * Intellectual Property Infringement * Retaliation * Defamation * Business Interference * Emotional Distress * Many, Many Others

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