Structure Your Oil or Gas Lease Bonus


Save Money by ‘Structuring’ Your Oil or Gas Lease Bonus

oilgasleasesmWith the country’s energy demands evolving, domestic mineral exploration is on the rise creating financial windfalls for many landowners. In addition to potential royalties, most landowners receive an upfront bonus payment. These one-time payments can be quite substantial, but they almost always catapult the landowner into the highest possible tax bracket for a single year. It’s not uncommon for taxpayers to discover they are required to pay 50% of their bonus to the government in taxes.

Reduce Your Tax Liability

With a Structured Oil & Gas Lease Bonus Payment Option, landowners can take advantage of IRS Revenue Ruling 68-606 by spreading out a bonus payment over a number of years. By ‘structuring’ your bonus, you can:

You can rest assured knowing that all future payments are guaranteed by a highly rated company, and there is absolutely no cost to you. No out of pocket expense and no management fees…ever. We get paid by the company if and only if you decide this option makes sense for you.

Three Things to Keep in Mind

  1. In order to take advantage of tax benefits, the bonus must be ‘structured’ BEFORE the land lease is signed.
  2. This option is available for your Bonus Payment Only. Future royalties are not eligible.
  3. Actual value to you will depend on what assumptions you make about future tax brackets. We can help with your analysis..


Because a Structured Oil & Gas Lease Bonus Payment Option is a detailed process that must be handled by a properly licensed firm such as ours, it is critical to let the landman and/or your attorney (if represented) know that you are considering this option. We will then need to interface with all parties throughout the process to ensure proper paperwork is completed.

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